Health and Wellbeing priority:

To reduce the number of people who smoke or use tobacco

Why is this a priority in Trafford?

Smoking is a major cause of preventable ill health, premature mortality, and a driver of the inequality in Healthy Life Expectancy across Trafford.

How many smokers are there in Trafford?

An estimated 12.7% of Trafford adults are smokers, lower but statistically similar to the England average (14.9%), but rising to 26.8% among Routine and Manual workers (2017 data)

Which groups within Trafford are more likely to smoke?

  • Recorded smoking prevalence is more than twice as high in the most deprived 5th of GP practices in Trafford compared to the least deprived 5th  (Source: NHS Digital – QoF, 2016/17)
  • Smoking prevalence in Trafford adults who work in routine and manual occupations (26.8%) is more than twice as high as for the population as a whole, and slightly higher than the England average for this group (25.7%) (2017 data)
  • Smoking prevalence in Trafford adults with a serious mental illness reaches 42.1% (2014/15 data). 
  • Smoking during pregnancy in Trafford has reduced to 6.4%, statistically significantly lower than the England average (10.7%) and lowest among a group of the 15 most statistically similar authorities to Trafford (2016/17 data)
  • There are wide social inequalities between electoral wards within Trafford in indicators of smoking related harm (e.g. there is a strong trend towards increasing rates of emergency admissions with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and lung cancer incidence as deprivation increases) (Source: PHE Local Health)

What services are in place to reduce smoking prevalence?

Evidence-based stop smoking support is highly effective both in cost and clinical terms.  The proportion of Trafford smokers who have been supported by locally commissioned services to quit is much lower than the average across England.

Data source: Unless otherwise stated, source of data is PHE Local Tobacco Control Profiles


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