Health and Wellbeing priority:

To reduce harm from alcohol

Why is this a priority in Trafford?

Alcohol misuse is the third leading risk factor for death and disability after smoking and obesity.

How many people are at risk of harm from alcohol?

  • Estimates suggest that around 28% of Trafford adults – or around 51,000 - are drinking above the recommended levels, statistically similar to England average (25.7%).
  • Rates of alcohol-related deaths in Trafford are similar to England averages.
  • Trafford fares less well on some indicators of hospitalisation, especially for those conditions where alcohol is the sole cause.
  • Both locally and nationally, alcohol related hospitalisation rates are increasing over time indicating that this is a public health issue of increasing relative importance.

Which groups within Trafford are most at risk of alcohol-related harm?

Gender: Alcohol related death and hospital admission rates among Trafford males are at least twice as high as among females.

Area deprivation: Local Health provides small area data on hospital admissions for alcohol attributable conditions.  Rates for wards within Trafford are compared to England (with the England value set at 100).  The ratio ranges from 61 in Hale Central (i.e. 39% fewer admissions than would be expected if Hale Central had the same rates as England) to 128 in Urmston (i.e. 28% more admissions).  There is a strong association between the ward admission rate and deprivation score, with rates increasing as deprivation increases.  (Source: PHE Local Health)

What services are in place to prevent alcohol harm?

Identifying unsafe drinkers, followed by a “brief intervention” from a health professional can reduce alcohol related harm.  During 2016/17, 4% of the estimated number of unsafe drinkers in Trafford received a brief intervention.

Data source: Unless otherwise stated, source of data is PHE Local Alcohol Profiles.


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