Income inequalities are a fundamental cause of health inequalities.  They are strongly associated with other factors that affect health such as housing, lifestyle behaviours and employment status.

Earnings are the primary source of income.  Average weekly earnings in Trafford (£480) are significantly higher than England average (£440), the highest of all top tier local authorities in the North West, and 2nd highest among a group of 15 other statistically similar authorities (2017 data).

The proportion of the Trafford population living in income deprived households (12%) is significantly lower than the average for England (14.6%).  This 12% in Trafford amounts to 27,324 people, including 6,669 children and 7,367 older people.  The Trafford level figure also masks the considerable inequalities in income deprivation across Trafford: for instance, the proportion of children living in poverty ranges from 4.3% in Hale Central and Timperley wards to 39% in Bucklow–St-Martin  (Source:  2015 Indices of Deprivation).


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