Our Neighbourhoods

Trafford has a population of 235,100 people across 4 different neighbourhoods as of the 2021 census (North, South, Central and West). Trafford is the least deprived authority in Greater Manchester but internal inequalities vary significantly within and across neighbourhoods. Trafford has its own North and South divide, with greater life expectancy, better health outcomes and fewer health inequalities in the South of the borough compared with the North. Significant inequalities also exists within the wards that are masked at neighbourhood levels and can create a false picture of the population health needs. For example, South neighbourhood is the least deprived locality in Trafford but has pockets of deprivation with poor health outcomes can be masked when we look at South neighbourhood as a whole. These hidden inequalities highlight the importance of understanding and quantifying health needs and health inequalities at both the level of the city as a whole and, crucially, at the level of the neighbourhood and wards.

In this section you can access some key information on health and wellbeing in Trafford’s four neighbourhoods.




Trafford Data Lab's ward profiler brings together the most up-to-date data that we have on each of Trafford's 21 wards, across a variety of theme, such as crime, education, health, and many others.