Key points

  • The North locality contains the wards of Clifford, Gorse Hill, Longford and Stretford with an estimated population of 48,419 across the four wards (ONS, 2019).
  • Markedly young in age structure (ONS, 2019) with a high BAME population (ONS, 2011).
  • All 4 wards are amongst the 5 most deprived wards in Trafford, with about 24% of children living in poverty and 20% of people living in income deprived households in the locality (ONS, 2019).
  • Health of the people of Trafford North Locality is generally worse compared with Trafford and England average.
  • There is a high rate of premature mortality in the locality.
  • About 35.7 % of Year 6 children are obese and overweight (NCMP, 2020).
  • The incidence of lung cancer (2012-2016) is worse (statistically significant) than England average (with the exception of Clifford, which is similar to England average) (Local Health, 2016).
  • The rate of alcohol-related hospital admissions are significantly higher compared with England average across all 4 wards (Local Health, 2018).

Detailed North Locality Profile can be found here.