Live well

Key demographics

  • There are an estimated 134,572 people aged between 20 and 64 years living in Trafford.  This amounts to 57.1% of the total population, proportionally similar to England (58.3%)   (ONS, mid-2017 revised estimates)
  • Between 2016 and 2031 the number of people aged 20-64 years resident in Trafford is projected to remain fairly stable with growth of 4,000 (3%), but proportionally greater than projected growth across England as a whole in this age group (1.7%) (ONS, 2016-based subnational population projections)
  • 13.9% of the population aged 20-64 years belongs to a Black and Minority Ethnic group (ONS, 2011 Census)
  • The dependency ratio in an area compares the number of people considered less likely to be working (children and young people, and pensioners) with the working age population.  A high ratio can suggest that an area might want to commission a greater level of services for older or younger people than those with a low ratio, but also that the health and well-being of the working age population needs to be well promoted and supported.   Based on ONS mid-2017 population estimates, the dependency ratio for Trafford (defined as the population aged 0-19 years and the population aged 65+ years as a proportion of the population aged 20-64 years) is 75.0%, slightly higher than for England as a whole (71.6%).  The dependency ratio has increased from 69.7% in 2011.

The focus of the Live Well subgroup of Trafford’s Health and Wellbeing Board is on improving health and wellbeing in the working age population by tackling lifestyle behaviour risk factors.  Please see the JSNA section on Health and Wellbeing priorities for further details.


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