The link between deprivation and health is complex but well established.   For instance we know that Healthy Life Expectancy at birth is around 16 years lower in the most deprived areas compared to the least deprived areas of Trafford. 

The 2015 Indices of Deprivation are based on 37 separate indicators organised across seven domains of deprivation (Income Deprivation; Health Deprivation and Disability; Education, Skills and Training Deprivation; Crime, Barriers to Housing and Services; and Living Environment Deprivation).  These domains are combined, using appropriate weights, to calculate the Index of Multiple Deprivation 2015 (IMD 2015).  This is an overall measure of multiple deprivation experienced by people living in an area and is calculated for every Lower layer Super Output Area (LSOA) in England.  There are 32,844 LSOAs in England and each has a score and rank according to its level of deprivation relative to that of other LSOAs.   An IMD 2015 score is also calculated for other geographies (e.g. local authorities and electoral wards) based on a population weighted average of the scores of its constituent LSOAs.

  • Among the 138 LSOAs in Trafford, 13 (9.4%) rank in the most deprived 20% of LSOAs in England.  This compares, for instance, to our neighbour Manchester where 58.5% of LSOAs rank in the 20% most deprived in England. 
  • Trafford ranks 120 out of 152 upper tier local authorities in England (where a rank of 1 is the most deprived authority on this measure).  This makes Trafford the least deprived authority in Greater Manchester on this measure, and only Cheshire East ranks less deprived in the North West.
  • The average IMD 2015 score for electoral wards within Trafford ranges from 4.4 in Timperley in the South of the borough (least deprived on this measure), to 39.7 in Bucklow-St-Martin in the West (most deprived in Trafford). (Note: IMD 2015 scores measure deprivation in relative and not absolute terms so whilst an LSOA with a score of 20 is more deprived than an LSOA with a score of 10, it is not necessarily twice as deprived)

To view the distribution of deprivation across LSOAs in Trafford on a map visit the Trafford Data Lab.


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